Refund Policy


We only give case-by-case returns because the products we are selling are irrevocable, digital commodities that are not tangible. Within 14 days after the purchase order, the refund must be executed. If you are not pleased after our sales and support teams have tried to resolve your problems, we will return your money.

We strongly advise you to study such resources carefully in order to assess the product’s viability, support terms, updates, licensing scopes, etc. Since the product has its own demo, documentation, features comparison, etc., we strongly advise you to do so. To feel secure before making a purchase, feel free to hit a Presale Enquiry.

Here are the situations in which we give a refund on a WordPress Theme and related services you have purchased.

The product “is not as described”

You are entitled to a refund if our product is “not as stated” and differs significantly from the item description or preview.

The product doesn’t function as it should.

You are entitled to a refund if our product doesn’t function as intended and can’t be easily remedied. This includes circumstances in which the Theme has a flaw that, if you had known about it beforehand, would have prevented you from purchasing it. If the problems are fixable, our support team will update and repair the product; otherwise, you are entitled to a refund for that particular item.

There is a security hole in the thing.

You are entitled to a refund if our product has a security flaw that is difficult to resolve.

Refunds may not be given

In circumstances like the following, there is typically no requirement to offer a refund if the item is functional and substantially comparable to the description and preview.

– You decide you no longer want it after downloading it

– The item did not live up to your expectations

– You just changed your mind

– You bought an item by mistake

– You lack the necessary knowledge to operate the item

–  You ask for goodwill

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